iOS App Landing Page

Habster Back Story |

We all have bad habits, right? Whether it be eating too much fast foods or not taking enough time to excersise, we have all wanted to improve upon at least one thing in our lives. Forming good habits typically starts with a plan, goals, and reminders in order to help us stay on track and keep tabs on ourselves. Habster is the perfect app for getting rid of those terrible habits and start forming good habits that will improve our day to day lives.

My Role |

I was approached by the developer of Habster App to design an app landing page that would serve as a place for user support, SEO marketing initiatives and also encourage potential users to download the app.

Client Goals |

The clients goals were to have an app landing page with the same ‘fun’ feel that the actual app gave off, plus highlight each main feature of the app without going overboard on details.

Project Assets |

There were several colors from the app that the developer wanted me to work with. They also had chosen 6 screens to be highlighted.

Menu Design |

I wanted to use a navigation that appeared after the user would scroll down the page. I did this mostly becuase of not wanting to repeat the app branding in two places above the fold. This helped us give the branding visibility not only upon landing on the site but also throughout the rest of their visit.