Cruz Culture Back Story |

Cruz Culture is a Santa Cruz, Ca based company that manufactures vaporizer pens and are considered the authority in dabbing technology and safety with their flagship product Nail Crown.

My Role |

I have previously worked with Cruz Culture on several projects like redesigning their website and SEO services. When the second version of their flagship product the Nail Crown was released they wanted me to oversee an email campaign to help make past cutomers aware of the enhancements. We decided to send out two emails prior to the largest B2B event of the year.

1st Email |

In the first email we wanted to intorduce past customers of the Original Nail Crown to the brand new Nail Crown All-In-One. Highlighting the features and giving them a special coupon code were the main focus. The email performed very well exceeding 30% open rate and double digit click throughs.

2nd Email |

In the second email we wanted to give those who were not convinced by the previous an email detailing some benfits of buying the Nail Crown All-In-One. This email had less opens however there were more new opens and click throughs from customers who did not engage with the prvious email.